Versione Italiana

For all the Troinesi in the world

This page is reserved to the thousand of Troinesi living everywhere, in Italy and in other european and extraeuropean countries. The town council supplies every troinese in the world with this communication chancel to get any sort of information with respect to their place of origin. It isn't just a kind of "nostalgic operation" for everyone who lives far from his native village or far from the place where his family had taken roots. On the contrary, it is a living, intense tie intended to become full of mutual exchange and actual presence. As far as we're concerned all the troinesi in the world, who do not live here for work or any other reason, are considered troinesi townsmen.

Of course, this web is at disposal of everyone in the world, even if he/she isn't a native of Troina, is interest to contact our town council and our local community for economic, cultural, touristic reasons.

If you have some suggestion or proposal for this new service, please write to our E - Mails.